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Learning through play, encouragement & fun


Our progams are designed to help your child learn in a manner that is both fun and informative.

After School Care

We provide an environment where children can continue learning and interacting in a healthy way.

Summer Camp

Offering full day programs that blend indoor learning components with outdoor educational fun.


Our "learning through play" philosophy encourages curiosity and learning.

Early Childhood Education and Superior Child Care in El Paso

With over 54 years of experience, you can be sure we’ve learned a thing or two about caring for your children over the years. Here at Flying Colors Learning Centers, we are passionate about setting your children up for success through early childhood education. Helping your children grow isn’t just our job, but a way of life. The development of your child is as important to us as it is to you. We know that children learn through play. Our childcare programs in El Paso are dedicated to helping your child learn and develop in a safe environment. We work hard to care for your child in a happy and stimulating environment designed to encourage development in all areas of life!  

A Safe Nurturing Environment

Our centers are geared toward establishing a safe and comfortable place where your child will feel happy and secure. There is a proven correlation between a child’s comfort level and willingness to learn. Our staff and teachers are trained to help and encourage children to feel comfortable. They achieve this through nurturing care and strict routine. Giving children routine takes away any fear of the unknown and gives them security to know what’s coming next. We do our best in our childcare centers to facilitate learning and social skills. When you choose Flying Colors Learning Centers, you are choosing:

  • Certified, dedicated staff members and teachers
  • Admission and yearly aural and screening tests
  • Freshly made, nutritionally balanced meals
  • Your child’s introduction to new languages
  • Age-appropriate groupings
  • Enriched curriculums to help encourage development
  • Learning through play

Onsite Full Commercial Kitchen

Over the years our original owner, Delores Hicks, remained dedicated to providing home-cooked meals. She wanted to provide kids with minimal to no processed foods. Today we carry on this tradition. We have a full commercial kitchen at each learning center where a hired cook prepares meals for our children. Our staff only buys fresh ingredients and makes every single meal from scratch. Delores Hicks knew the food that children loved to eat, and so when your kids eat our pizza or rolled tacos, you can rest assured knowing that the dough will be made in-house, and each taco will be rolled by our chef. When we say we offer nutritious meals, we mean it.

Our Summer program
encourages a lot of outdoor
play, which is enriched
by learning opportunities
& community involvement.

Learning Through Play- Encouragement and Stimulation

Everything tends to be more fun to learn when it is both interesting and entertaining. At Flying Colors Learning Centers, we take an old fashioned approach to learning and development for children. Our centers are structured like mini-schools, complete with classrooms and resources to provide your child with everything they need to learn and grow in a healthy way. All of our resources, from the toys to the playground, serve a purpose to aid in your child’s development. We know that children are curious and ready to learn when given the right environment. Our teachers create classrooms that foster a place to learn and grow. We know that you will see a difference in your child when they attend our childcare learning programs.

We Provide Excellent After School Childcare in El Paso

Flying Colors Learning Centers provides full day programs for pre-k and Kindergarten students, as well as daycare, after school programs, and summer camps. We have been certified members of the Texas Rising Star program since its inception. Our commitment to quality and state standards have made us one of the top learning centers in El Paso. You can trust that when you choose Flying Colors Learning Centers, we will provide your child with a superior level of childcare and early childhood education that will be invaluable for their success.

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